Jimmusic Productions was founded by Jimmy Lee in 2017. For over 5 years, Jimmusic Productions has evolved from a one-man operation to a one-stop Music-Audio-Video-Broadcast Production services company that will turn your special memories into a work of art.


At Jimmusic Productions, we'll listen and observe you, record you using the best equipment in the marketplace and pick up the tab for any awesomeness that might be incidental to turning you and your unique story into a movie.


Right from picking the wardrobe, picking a venue, to planning the shoot, to recording the music, Jimmusic Productions offer you the complete experience by putting you in charge of your dreams as we join hands in turning them into the reality.

We’re a small, young and highly passionate team of Creative Professionals with a collective team experience in the Creative Arts & Media Business of more than 25 years (Music Production, Audio Engineering, Videography, Editing, Screenwriting & Ad Film Experience) – we’ve done it all.


Professional high-quality cameras, lightings and audio equipments with different choices of backdrops and an acoustically treated hybrid live stream-ready recording studio.


Unleash your creativity with us at our non-traditional space featuring an intimate platform that will showcase your ideas wonderfully.